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A creative and fun way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion! There are so many different art and craft party activities to choose from...

Children's Art Parties can make your art party totally unique!  A few party ideas are: paint a canvas, decopatch, 3D models, mask making, t shirt painting, 3D painting, decorative mirrors, collage, mosaic art, wall hangers, pottery & much more! You are guided through each party activity by a fully qualified Art & Design teacher, with over 14 years school teaching experience. The studio is equipped with an integrated multi media audio visual system and wireless internet access. We also have a large paddock which can be used in better weather for erecting marquees. You are very welcome to make use of all of these facilities to help make your party even more fun!


Children’s art parties usually last for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. All of this time can be spent on the creative activity of your choice or you can chose an activity that lasts for a shorter time and then use the studio as a place to continue your celebrations. If you would like your party to last for more time then please do not hesitate to contact us at info@thelittleowlartstudio to discuss different options.


Children's Art Party Price: From £14.00 per head.

(Party invites, balloons and all materials included).

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